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Dragon Scroll X: Chronicles is an anime fictional comic strip series created by Justin Clark; proud owner of Anime Entertainment. This comic strip series was produced by Anime Visual Entertainment and licensed by Anime Fictional Stories; this series was created in 2003, but it also had a major run through 2012, and became one of the unique popular anime comics to ever been created. The story involves two ninja warriors are on a journey from the Feudal Era in Mid Eastern Japan, to take on challenges such as fighting evil demons, encounter with dangerous allies and foes, and taking on brutal evil forces from the evil emperor's group of savage warriors known as "The 8 Shadow Warriors of Kimone." The protagonists known as Jin Matsui and Asuka Okamoto have taken the task with the use of their ninja abilities and quick stealth, these two warriors will do any to stop the dark emperor's evil forces, and challenging the emperor to an all out battle for to reclaim peace and harmony to Japan once and for all.

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"It is set in 1791 at an old Japanese war battleground, the battle was intense involving two of the legendary samurai clan known as the Narukagami and the Fujiyama. During the events of this pr
Narukagami Clan vs. Fujiyaki Clan
predecessor conflict, the Narukagami Clan has battled against the Fujiyama Clan for years despite of their own hatred towards one another. Once in existence for the battle to commence in triumph, the Narukagami have beaten the Fujiyama Clan for every attempt to conquer the countryside of Japan, but the Fujiyama's plan failed at stopping the Narukagami Clan in due time of their efforts.

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